NuForce BRT-100 Bluetooth Reciever

Hi there. Today i have for You a short review of bluetooth receiver from NuForce, the BRT-100. It's no different than most of good quality receivers, with exception of optical output for digital signal output maybe.

NuForce BRT-100  is small black box, with dimensions of ca 6 x 6 x 2 cm. NuForce logo is placed on black shiny top and below, on front edge, there is a blue led light that informs us about device's status. When You connect power to BRT-100 using external power brick NuForce will stay ON until You unplug it from power. There is no power button and receiver is always ready to connect. This NuForce receiver supports Apt-X, a codec that enables data compression with very little quality deterioration. So little that it's hard to find any difference from source material without critical listening. You connect Your device via bluetooth and send signal from phone, tablet or any bluetooth enabled device via bluetooth. It is possible to bypass DAC built in and send digital data to external DAC thanks to optical output.

When I connected NuForce receiver with my JBL studio monitors and played music for casual listening during my day I was happy to hear all that I'm used to when listening with JBL's connected to my DAC.  Details where there, dynamics, soundstage as well, nothing was lost in situations like that. Only when I sit down and try to switch between my DAC and receiver and focus on music I feel like my DAC has a bit better and cleaner soundstage and a bit better detail in high frequencies. But that is a difference that is totally negligible if You are not using receiver for critical listening.

I have only one major problem with NuForce BRT-100 and it's the limited transmission range. In theory this receiver should have a range of max 10 meters, but in reality i could only get up to 5 meters in the same room before signal started to drop. Also the blue light that flashes every 6 second to show that it it ready to work, is quite strong, especially in dark room. I never had problems with connecting my phone or tablet, it's fast and easy.


Todays bluetooth audio receivers, thanks to Apt-X Audio Codec, reached level of quality unavailable for them before. You can expect them to play with near CD quality which is totally acceptable for casual listening. Once connected to Your audio system, receiver transforms it into wireless system so You can use Your phone, tablet or laptop to feed signal from Spotify, Tidal, internet radios etc. For example, a set of good inexpensive studio monitors (KRK RP5G3, Focal Alpha 50, JBL LSR305 and others) and a receiver like that, automatically create system that will blow away any premium bluetooth speakers and docs that can cost as much if not substantially more. When You decide You want system like that, NuForce BRT-100 is there, up to task, with great audio quality. You just have to remember about limited range of the device and You will be fine.

                +very good sound quality using Apt-X
                +coaxial output for external DAC
                -very light and unstable  with thicker cables
                -poor reach, max 5m

Vardict: 7/10